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About my practice

The processes and ideas that drive my practice are grounded in my lived experience of obsessions, compulsions and intrusive thoughts. In particular, I draw influence from the way that these anxious sensations affect my whole body and shift the way I perceive my surroundings. 

On a personal level, my work allows me to reflect on and make sense of experiences that can be challenging to process and articulate. However, favouring an abstract approach to making, I seek to allow my art the potential to take on a life of its own that can also exist outside of its subject matter.

Working across a range of media and scales, my practice almost acts as a form of collecting, where I gradually accumulate a variety of elements, objects and ideas. These are then collaged together and function according to both the formula and the environment that they are shown in. 


Goldsmiths, University of London (2015-2018)

BA Fine Art

John Leggott College (2014-2015)

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media

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